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Sneaker Charms

Running Charms for your Sneakers

Milestones Jewelry has runner jewelry for your head to your toes. That's right; runner jewelry for your running shoes, shoelace charms! Milestones has a unique selection shoelace charms with all race distances and running themes, all with rhinestones in a heart or circle. So add some fun to your run with Milestones' shoe bling, runners shoelace charms!

Choose from 5K, 13.1, 26.2, 19.3 and most every race distance you can run. Runner Girl and Sole Sisters shoelace charms are a favorite, but don't miss our huge selection of sneaker charms to commemorate most every race them. Buy a few for your own shoes and some for your runner buddies as well.

Collect running sneaker charms for all your running events. Don't miss our new line of Superhero shoelace charms. Available in Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Women and more. Running Sneaker charms make such a unique and affordable gift for the runner in your life.
Our shoelace charms attached securely to through your shoelaces so they will not bounce or bother while you run, they are even water resistant.

Check out our marathon and half marathon car stickers and magnets – They’re sure to rev up your engine. Run a charmed lap with our rhinestone encrusted sneaker charms in silver, pink and purple! Shoelace charm shapes include hearts, half marathon numbers, full marathon numbers, 5K, Sole Sisters and more. This is where you'll find elegant jewelry gift boxes to make your unique and thoughtful runners' gift even more special.