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About Milestones Sports Jewelry

How Milestones Sports Jewelry was Born & the Couple behind the vision!

Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida I've always been a Florida Beach girl. However several years ago we purchased a home and several rental cabins in NC, the gate way to the Smokey Mountains. We now reside in Florida but go to North Carolina as often as possible. There is no better place to train than in those beautiful mountains.
I am a proud graduate of Florida State University with a major in Communications and a minor in Marketing.


I worked in the Radio marketing business for over 25 years and decided to take my passion for running and turn it into a Business. As a child I loved all crafts but especially beading and Jewelry making. After my first marathon (Disney World in Orlando, FL) I wanted to make something to commemorate my Milestone Accomplish. So I made a leather anklet with 26.2 letters and a runner girl charm. And the rest is History! Milestones Sports Jewelry was born!


7 years later, 8 marathons, numerous half marathons, 5k’s, 10K’s, Adventure runs, and Warrior Dashes later here I am; President and Founder of this exciting new and growing business.

(Here's an update: I am currently training for my first Triathlon. Come join me at the Calloway Gardens Triathlon July 2015. I am so excited to be able to add this to my list of accomplishments).


I share my life and business with my Husband Stuart and our Dogs "Aragorn" (An Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix rescue), and yes we are huge JR Token fans thus the name Aragorn, which comes from the Lord of the Rings main character. and my baby Shih Tzu “Maya”.


I love this business because we meet so many wonderful people and families who share our passion for running and Triathlons. We get to Travel all over the country to Running and Triathlon expos; where we get to meet our customers face to face and share their stories and accomplishments with them first hand.


We pride ourselves on providing unique high quality commemorative Jewelry, Apparel and Accessories at affordable prices and our superior customer service.


If I haven’t met you or spoken to you in person or on the phone, I sure hope I get to sometime in the near future. I am always available to help you via phone or email, so don’t hesitate to contact me.


Remember to always “Enjoy the Journey”



About Stuart Tabman

Born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey I grew up an avid sports enthusiast and athlete playing football from the age of 8 through my second year of college at the University of Delaware. I also loved to run but was never quite fast enough to beat elite sprinters, and endurance running didn't coincide with my 225 pound football weight. Nevertheless I ran or plodded through a variety of races from 100 yards to the quarter mile during my high school track career. Two successive knee injuries in college halted my football career so I decided to move to Huntington Beach California in 1977 and pursue my goal of owning a health club. I began my health club career in Southern California working as a trainer for Holiday Spa. Eventually I moved back to New Jersey where I managed a health club and started a very successful personal training business.


My dream of owning a health club became a reality in 1989 when I purchased my first Gold’s Gym located in St Petersburg Florida. I subsequently built, owned and operated the Gold’s Gym in Clearwater Florida and became a partner in the Gold’s Gym located in Tampa Florida. In 1990 I was lucky enough to meet my wonderful wife who was my inspiration to build my dream gym in Clearwater. I am forever grateful for her love and support. I retired from the health club business in 2009 and began working with Melody building this wonderful business called Milestones Sports Jewelry.


So my journeys took me from the Jersey Shore to Florida and finally to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, yes I am what is affectionately known as a halfback (moving from the northeast to Florida then halfway back to North Carolina). We now reside in our home privately located in the mountains with our 2 wonderful dogs Maya and Aragorn (see Melody’s bio for an explanation) and work tirelessly on our business. I love our life of traveling to running and triathlon expos where we have the opportunity to meet so many great people and visit lots of new and exciting places. Luckily the race circuit brings us back to Florida during the winter months where we reside from January until April.


Now after 7 knee operations I stay in shape by weight lifting, cycling and chasing Melody around Marathons. We also love to raft, mountain bike and hike in our backyard - The Great Smoky Mountains!


Whether it’s running, walking, competing in triathlons or supporting a competitor all of you are a tremendous inspiration. We hear some of the most inspiring stories and have had the opportunity to develop a wonderful camaraderie with many of you. Stop by and visit us at an expo, share your stories, and commemorate your accomplishment with a piece of jewelry. Keep it up and as we love to say NEVER QUIT!


Our Staff

Brtiney Fink

Brittney is a wife & mother of two kids and is the senior manager at Milestones. She loves talking to & meeting our customers at Expos. She also loves helping customers design custom jewelry. Brittney has been a Milestones Team Member for 3 years.





Nanci Cernak

Nanci has lived in Clearwater since 1993. Not always a runner, she began running in 2011 and found herself signing up for many local races. For her, running is about being stronger than she realizes and doing something that does not come easy to her. Since then, she has run many 5Ks, 8Ks, as well as 15 half marathons and 1 full marathon. She is also a local blogger, blogging about her journey through running, weight loss, and more in her life. You can find her blog at