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  • Red with Black Polka Dots Tutu.
  • 13.1 Half marathon Beauty & the Beast Princess Belle running sneaker charm
    $15.00 $9.99
  • 5K tiara running sneaker charm
  • 10K tiara running sneaker charm
  • 48.6 sterling silver mini charm with a cubic zirconia stone at the point.
  • 18K White gold Plated Tiara Stud Earrings with solitaire 2ct Cubic Zirconias.
  • Round 26.2 pendant featuring a silhouette of a castle and 26.2 race distance.
    $59.99 $34.99
  • 3-sided sterling silver Pandora style bead with 48.6, Castle and 2017 cast in each side. Fits Pandora.
    $39.99 $19.99
  • Dopey Distance bangle with 4 mini charms with all 4 race distances
  • Round black and pink sneaker charm with rhinestones around the outside.
  • Round purple and green shoelace charm.
    $15.00 $7.99
  • 48.6 Dopey Challenge Car Magnet
  • 26.2 heart necklace with 26.2 round earrings on cubic zirconia posts.
  • Round with rhinestones 39.3 Goofy Challenge sneaker charm.
    $15.00 $5.00
  • 26.2 Believe it Achieve it necklace on a star chain.
  • Believe it, Achieve it 13.1 necklace on a star chain.
  • Believe It Achieve It Necklace
  • Blood, Sweat, Tiara hoodie on model.
  • Model wearing Blood, Sweat, Tiara Grey Tee and a Tiara.
  • Engraved Charm on Ball Chain and Crystals (Front & Back of Charm)
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Milestones has created this unique collection of original RunDisney Jewelry designs. Commemorate your K5, 10K, half marathon full marathon Goofy Challenge or 48.6 Dopey challenge finish. Don't miss our 39.3 Goofy Challenge line of jewelry as well as our stunning 48.6 Dopey Challenge jewelry collection. We have many beautiful pieces to commemorate all your Disney running events. 

So sit back and enjoy browsing this awesome line of the highest quality .925 sterling silver running jewelry in the world.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Fast, Free Shipping.