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Diva Jewelry Collection

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  • Diva Headband
  • Round Diva Tiara shoelace charm with rhinestones.
  • 13.1 Tiara Shoelace Charm
  • Diva with diva tiara charm Bangle Bracelet
  • 13.1 Script with crystal, diva charm, milestones mini charm and gemstone
  • 13.1 dangle crystal bangle with add on diva charm.
  • Diva Tiara charm on slide on Black leather necklace.
  • Diva Tiara sterling silver charm necklace on box chain
  • Diva Tiara sterling silver charm.
  • Tiara charm with clear crystal accents.
  • Small Tiara post earrings.
  • Blood, Sweat, Tiara hoodie on model.
  • Model wearing Blood, Sweat, Tiara Grey Tee and a Tiara.
  • Script style Diva charm on a sterling silver box chain.
    $29.99 $24.99
  • Twin Tiara - Two Prong Hair Combs
    $12.99 $6.99
  • Cutout alloy sneaker charm with pink crystals
  • Diva round pendant on a box chain, both in sterling silver
  • Round Diva Pendant in sterling silver with tiara in the center
  • Diva double charm necklace with 5K charm in front.
  • Sterling silver double charm necklace with 13.1 on front charm and a tiara and Diva on main pendant.
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Running Diva Jewelry Collection  

Running Diva's will go wild for Milestones exclusively designed Run Like a Diva Jewelry collection. The finest quality collection of jewelry designed specifically for you; the Running Diva. Diva necklaces, Diva bracelets, Personalized engraved Diva Jewelry. Diva Jewelry with the date of your Diva race. Whether you are a 5K Running Diva or a half marathon Diva you'll love shopping this exclusive Diva Running Jewelry Collection.

Show off your Diva side and your Running Diva race accomplishment with a stunning piece of sterling silver Diva earrings, Diva Necklaces and Diva bangle bracelets and European bracelets with Diva charms and Diva beads.