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  • Cocoa Beach 2017 Half Marathon Sterling Pendant with Rhinestones
  • Cocoa Beach 2017 Limited Edition Bangle Bracelet
  • Cocoa Beach Half Marathon Designer Bangle 2017
  • Cocoa Beach Limited Edition 2017 Half Marathon Necklace
  • Cocoa Beach Genie bottle, sterling silver with green and gold accents on Star Chain.
  • 2017 Genie bottle charm on a sterling silver charm carrier to fit your Pandora bracelet.
  • 13.1 Bangle Bracelet with genie charm, green and Gold crystal drops and new genie bottle charm.
  • Sterling Silver Genie bottle charm accented gold overlay and emerald crystals
  • Bangle bracelet with 2017 Cocoa Beach genie bottle charm
  • Cocoa Beach 13.1 Green Genie bottle sneaker Charm.
  • Bangle bracelet with Cocoa Beach ring pendant with genie bottle dangling in center.
  • Cocoa Beach half marathon bangle with genie bottle and 13.1 charm.
  • 13.1 cocoa Beach Pendant, Genie Bottle Charm and gold drop on box chain necklace.
  • Genie bottle Charm on Charm carrier.
  • 13.1 script pendant on  an adjustable bangle with a genie bottle charm.
  • Necklace with Genie Bottle and 13.1 charm and gold crystal drop on a box chain.
  • sterling Silver Genie bottle charm accented with brown enamel.
  • Front of 13.1 sterling silver 2016 Cocoa Beach pendant.
    $39.99 $21.99
  • 2016 Cocoa beach Genie bottle dangle pendant.
  • 2016 Cocoa Beach bangle bracelet.
    $49.99 $24.99
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Cocoa Beach Half Marathon Jewlery 

Milestones has designed and produced a very special limited edition Cocoa Beach Half Marathon Jewelry and gift collection for you. Each year we create a new line of jewelry for you to commemorate your Cocoa Beach half marathon finish. From Genie bottle charms to pendants with Cocoa beach 13.1 and the date engraved into the pendants. Don't miss our special 13.1 bangle bracelets and 13.1 earrings. We even have charms for your running shoes to commemorate your cocoa beach half Marathon.
Now available; our entire new line of 2016 limited edition Cocoa Beach Half Marathon Jewelry.