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​5 Ways to Meet Other Runners In Your Area

Even if you see the same runners training on your favorite trail every day, it can be nearly impossible to strike up a conversation, much less turn them into running buddies. But running doesn’t have to be a solitary sport. In fact, right this minute runners near you are searching for friends with like minds and fast feet.

  1. Marathon.Meetup.Com – An offshoot of the popular social site, the Marathon version is specifically for those who are currently training, who have participated in marathons before, and who are willing to share tips and be training partners. With 90,746 members in 202 cities over 27 countries (and counting), you’ll be able to connect with runners in no time. And, it’s free.
  2. – If you’re single and ready to mingle, there are a few dating sites out there especially for runners like Hey, it’s always a good sign if two people have similar interests!
  3. USAFIT – This is a national running/walking training group, and we’re sponsors for the St. Pete and the Bay Area around Houston, Texas! Start small, build your mileage, get fit, and meet walking and running buddies at the same time. All levels are welcomed!
  4. Your Gym – Websites aren’t the only way to meet people (though it may seem that way sometimes). If you belong to a local gym, ask if they have sign-ups for running partners or running clubs. If your gym doesn’t have anything like that, you might ask if you can start one yourself.
  5. Lose the Headphones and Say Hello – This might be the long road to friendship, but it’s time-tested. The fact is, you probably do see the same faces running along-side you, and it might only take a friendly “hello” to start a running partnership. At least you know that you’re both already on the same schedule!

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