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Fun Fact Friday - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Can you believe it’s next week? This time next week, we’ll be eating leftovers. No matter what your family traditions are for Thanksgiving, we thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about Thanksgiving. You might even be able to share these at the dinner table with your loved ones!

Fun Fact Friday - Thanksgiving

Five Fun Facts about Thanksgiving

  • Not all turkeys “gobble-gobble”. Only the males, called toms, gobble. The female turkeys, or hens, actually cackle.
  • Thanksgiving did not become a national holiday until 200 years after the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621.
  • Thanksgiving has always been on the fourth Thursday of the month, except in 1939 when they moved it up a year in hopes of shoppers helping the depression. The following year, it was moved back to the fourth Thursday of November where it has remained.
  • The average turkey weighs 15 pounds.
  • How fast do turkeys run? Domesticated turkeys do not run as fast as wild turkeys who can run 20 miles an hour! Can you imagine what their marathon time would be?
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