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Running Injuries; Tips for Recovering

Running Injuries; Tips for Recovering

Injuries are a big problem for runners. Running injuries are very painful and cause a lot of discomfort and stress to casual runners as well as professional athletes. Oftentimes, runner find it difficult to return to running after injuries. The recovery period may take some time and it will certainly keep you out of running for several weeks. Here are a few injury recovery tips from Milestones Sport Jewelry to get you back on your feet!

See a Doctor or Physical Therapist after an Injury

There are many different types of running injuries. Moreover, different running injuries require different treatments. So, as a preemptive measure, as soon as you start having problems see a doctor to ensure the issue doesn’t run deeper than it seems. A physical therapist will analyze and advise an appropriate treatment for your running injury. Getting the right treatment will help you recover from injuries quicker.

Eating the Right Foods Helps Speed up Recovery from Injury

Protein rich foods (such as beans, chicken, eggs, milk, lean meats and nuts) are key during the period of recovery. Your diet should also include fruits and vegetables as well as red meat. These foods provide a body with the nutrients it needs for repairing damaged muscles.

Don’t Rush Your Recovery

Of course, every runner wants to return to running after injury right away. However, you shouldn’t rush back into running. Don’t expect that you will return to running (at least not 100%!) so quickly. Understand that it takes time to recover from running injuries and give your body the time it needs to heal.

Inform Your Running Partners about Your Injury

Your running partners should be made aware that you’re returning to running after an injury. With that heads up, you can avoid any pressure to keep up and get the support you need during the recovery period. Your partners will be more understanding of the situation and happily accommodate to your needs!

Go Easy When Returning to Running

Your running capacity may or may not be affected by an injury depending on the severity of the issue. However, you shouldn’t overload yourself when returning to running. Remember, your objective is to return to running, period. During your recovery, prioritize health over fitness goals. Do your best to reduce the risk of re-injuring yourself. Listen to your body and don’t run too hard while recovering from injury. Go easy and just pace your running until you feel comfortable enough to push ahead. If you ease back into running you will be capable of returning back to your former level much faster.

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