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Music for Your Milestones: The Pounding Pavement Playlist

Thanks to everyone for telling us your favorite tunes to play on your run on Facebook and Twitter! Some of you run to the sound of the birds in the trees, others to classic rock, and others like to mix it up. Here are our favorite tunes - did we miss any?

Eye of the Tiger, Survivor - Hey, I'm not afraid to admit it. This is my favorite running and workout inspiration music! No one knows how to rock a work out like Rocky, am I right?

Maneating Love Shack, B 52's & Nelly Furtado - Continuing our carnivorous trend, this mixup of B 52's classic Love Shack with Nelly Furtado's Don't Go Maneating is a fast-paced, fun running track that will make you feel every bit the man-eater!

Maniac, Michael Sembello - Flash Dance! Doesn't this song just make you want to cut the neck out of your sweater, pull on your leg warmers and run like it's 1983?

What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction - What woman doesn't like to be told she's beautiful, repeatedly, and with a peppy rhythm?

Violent Youth, Crystal Castle - If you like UK house music of the underground-hip variety, try out Crystal Castle on your playlist.

Don't Stop Believing, Bon Jovi - The 1980s fuel most of my running playlist, to be honest, and Bon Jovi rules the roost.

Phone Sex, Blood Diamonds - No R-rated lyrics, despite the name. Just good, fast-paced music that will make you want to bounce up the trail.

Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz - You'll be feeling great by the time this classic comes on your iPod. Ease into the rhythm and watch the miles melt under your feet.

Somebody Told Me, The Killers - This'll take you back to 2004 in a good way. You'll be so distracted by trying to understand what the heck is going on in the lyrics that you'll lose track of how long you've been running and how far you still need to go.

RockMyRun - Thank you Tracie for telling us about RockMyRun on Facebook. The free MyBeat app matches the high energy music mixes to your own running rhythm, practically propelling you forward. Listen to their samples, and if you didn't feel like running today, you will by the end of your first track!

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