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Tips for Summer Running

The first day of summer is not until June 20th, but here in Florida we are already feeling the heat and humidity. Both of these have such a big impact on running and if you are not careful, it can be dangerous.

Here are some great tips for summer running... 


This seems like an obvious one but it can be the hardest. I don’t always carry water with me when I run, I base in on the  mileage. Three miles or less and I may not want to carry that water bottle. But three miles when it’s hot and humid is when you may need water the most. When we run, we sweat, and without proper hydration we could easily become dehydrated. What to drink is another question… I am more of a water girl. If I’m running long miles, I prefer Smart Water with electrolytes. It’s amazing that something you can’t even see can help you so much. Those electrolytes are important for our bodies. There are many different sport drinks out there, most with electrolytes as well.

During races, there will usually be hydration stations and most will offer water and a sport drink. Most of the time I will go for the water but I have been known to grab the sports drink when I feel like I need it.

Run Early

Early morning runs before the sun is high in the sky are the best. Even though the humidity here in Florida can be downright awful, at least in the morning it’s not quite as bad. Some people like to run in the evenings, but I don’t feel it cools down enough to do that. Running in the morning also gives you the added benefit of a beautiful sunrise …

Moisture-Wicking Clothing

When I first started running, I wore cotton. Silly me, I had no idea what all the wonderful running clothing was about but I quickly learned. When I purchased my first pair of real running shorts and top, it was like I was in heaven. The wicking qualities of dri-fit running clothes pulls the moisture from your skin and into the material where it then evaporates. Have you ever run in a cotton shirt and it felt like it weighed ten pounds after all the sweating you did? Running clothing can be expensive but it makes all the difference in the world. It can also help to prevent chaffing which can be very painful.


This one can seem a little silly, but for me the right socks are just as important as the right clothes. I prefer lightweight socks, such as Feetures, because my feet swell when I run. I can’t stand for my feet to feel like they are trapped in thick socks when that happens, so it’s always thin socks for me, as well as a low-cut style.

This ties into the hydration end of things but I wanted to mention it separately. When I was training for my marathon and got into really long runs, my body told me I needed salt with all the sweating I was doing. In addition to the Smart Water with electrolytes, I also carried a little bag of pretzels to have along the way.

In addition to salt, these are a few of my needs when running in the heat….

Most important of all, listen to your body while you are running. Running in the heat does not have to be miserable. If you feel dehydrated, stop and hydrate. You will enjoy your run much more if you are comfortable and feeling good!

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