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Tuesday Training Tip - Daily Yoga Poses

In addition to stretching, before and after running, yoga should be a staple in every runner’s training log. Not only does yoga help with stress, it is another form of stretching. And many poses are great hip-openers, which is important too.

Studio Not Required

Yoga is something you can do at home and you don’t need any equipment to do it. Start your day with yoga and you will likely feel the benefits of it all day long. Or do it after your run for more physical benefits.

Daily Yoga Poses

Here are 10 yoga poses you should do daily, as shared by Get Healthy U. Visit the article here to see visuals of the poses they recommend and instructions.

  • 1.Standing Side Bend
  • 2.Downward Dog
  • 3.Up Dog / Cobra
  • 4.Crescent Lunge
  • 5.Cat
  • 6.Cow
  • 7.Pigeon
  • 8.Happy Baby
  • 9.Yogi Squat
  • 10.Windshield Wiper

Out of all of these, one that is probably the most beneficial to runners is Pigeon pose because it helps open up your hips and it is just one of those poses you can sink into and feel your body stretching.

Do you practice yoga? What is your favorite pose?

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