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Tuesday Training Tip - Focus On Your Core

Tuesday Training Tip

Core Strength

Focusing on your core during non-running workouts can help with your speed when you are running.

Planks and crunches are both great for building your core and making your stronger.

In addition, having a strong core can help reduce the risk of injuries while running.

Core Exercises

Planks – start with 30 seconds and work your way up. Start on your elbows and work your way up to straight-arm planks. For a real challenge, balance on one arm to work those obliques.

Superman – this move works your whole body, specifically your back which is an essential part of your core. Change it up by moving arms and legs.

Crunches – there are many variations… Feet on the floor, feet of the floor, legs crossed, and more and they work front and sides.

Adding these moves to your weekly training routine can help you when you are out running.

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