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Biggest Mistakes I Made When I Started Running

Biggest Mistakes

Looking back on my early running days, I think about all the things I did “wrong” without realizing it at the time. While it’s partly true that to run, you just need to put on a pair of shoes and run, there is more to it if you are going to run regularly.

Running Shoes

My first pair of running shoes were purchased on sale and because they were cute and I liked the colors. Other than actually being “running” shoes, I gave not a thought to the fact that they might not be the right type for me feet. After running and having foot pain every single time, a friend told me I needed to get a gait analysis done. What an eye opener that was! Turns out I am a neutral runner and did not need all the support the shoe I had was giving me and it was causing the pain. Once I was put in the right shoe, I felt like I was running on clouds.

Running Clothes

The weather for my first half marathon was freezing cold, especially for Florida. It was in the 30’s that day and with the wind, it felt like 20 degrees. I had on 3 layers of clothes and gloves. And those layers were all cotton. I had not yet received the memo about wearing dri-fit running clothes. So although it was freezing out, I was still sweating like crazy during my run. So that day my clothes added at least 5 pounds extra to me. I laugh now when I look back at the photo from that race.

Running Clothes Mistake

Running Socks

Everyone is different for what they look for in a sock, which is why they offer so many different running socks. I used to think the thicker the sock, the better. While that may work for someone else, I have found that for me, it is awful. I need a very thin sock. And I prefer Feetures brand socks because they are foot-specific. They don’t twist or bunch up and are very comfortable. Socks are something you should test BEFORE running a race longer than a 5K.

Running Speed

Another mistake I made in the beginning was trying to run too fast. I felt like I wasn’t really running if I didn’t run fast. I quickly realized I needed to run at a comfortable pace for me. Once I had that mindset, it made running much more enjoyable for me.

Well I certainly hope these few tips help you beginner runners out a bit. If you have any suggestions for women just starting to run we welcome you to post them here. And maybe we’ll use your tip for beginner runners right here in this blog. 

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