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How To Stay Motivated to Run & Workout During The Holidays

Staying Motivated During The Holidays

Motivation. Where are you?

We have all asked this question before. Life is ever-changing and we are always busy. Work, school, taking care of others, errands, and more…. Twenty-four hours in a day never seem like enough. Taking care of ourselves and doing the things we want to do usually end up at the bottom of the list and pushed aside when time is short.

Whether we are trying to lose weight, train for a race, or start a new workout program, we need the motivation to get us through it. Once the excitement of starting passes, what can we do to keep up the momentum and keep going?

Especially now, going into the holidays when there is even more on our plates, what can we do to stay motivated?

Tips for Staying Motivated to Run or Workout

As hard as this one can be, you have to put yourself first. Taking time to get your run in, do that workout, or meal prep for a successful day, this will go a long way to being better prepared to help others and have a good day. Thirty minutes to an hour out of the day is all you need to take care of YOU.

Make a list. Write down your goals and your “why”. Your “why” is important in keeping you motivated to reach your goal.

Set-up reminders. With today’s technology, it’s as simple as setting a reminder on your cell phone. Add in a favorite motivational quote as part of the task to for even more motivation.

Phone a friend. We all have a friend who has a similar race goal that we are working towards. You can help each other to stay motivated with daily texts, calls, or emails just to see how you are doing. And by returning the favor to them, you will be motivating yourself as well.

Workout first thing on the morning. This is always the best thing for me to do. Wake up, work out, and then go on about the day. You don’t have to worry about getting it done later or running out of time in your day.

Take your running or workout clothes & running shoes with you. If you do have to workout after work, take everything with you so you don’t have to go home. Chances are if you go home to change, you just may not leave after you see chores waiting for you.

What is one way that you stay motivated during the holidays?

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