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Choosing The Right Training Plan

With the end of summer comes the promise of fall and that means racing season. Half marathons and full marathons are on the horizon and with it comes training. So, how do you know which training plan is right for you?


Thanks to the internet, there are many resources for training plans right are your fingertips without having to pay for one. Picking a plan can be as easy as selecting what distance you are running.

What Are Your Goals?

Many training plans can vary based on your goals. Is it your first half marathon and finishing is your goal? Or is it your fourth and you want to set a new PR? This can apply to any race distance, from 5K to 10K, half marathon to full marathon.

Adjust The Plan For You

Any training plan you find online can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Most call for long runs on Saturdays, but if your schedule does not allow for that, make it on Sunday instead. Do you prefer to do an easy run the day after a long run instead of a rest day? Move the rest day around. Adjusting a plan to work for you, your schedule, and your goals will make it easier to stick to.

To Cross Train or Not?

Many training plans call for cross-training days. Typically, cross training can be anything that is not running. So you could walk, swim, bike, do yoga, etc…. Cross-training generally requires less recovery time, but is good for the cardiovascular system.

Regardless of which plan you choose, pick one that is a good fit for the race you are running. Ask your running friends which plans work for them if you are looking for input.

Here are several sites that are great resources for training plans:

What training plans have you used that have worked for you?

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