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Running Daily

running daily

When you are training for a race, it’s not typically common to run every single day. Training plans call for rest days and cross training days, but not running every day.

When you aren’t training for a race and are running for the health benefits, to keep your endurance up, and as a stress reliever, you might want to run every day. Some people say you should not, but if done properly, it can be really good for you.

Short Distances

When you run every day, you do not want to run long miles. Shorter runs are better on your body when you are out there every day. You will still reap the benefits of moving and getting out there even with shorter distances. Aim for at least one mile a day and at the most, three. One longer run each week is a nice change of pace during a run streak.

Stretch It Out

Even if you are just running a mile or two, you still need to stretch after each run. It will help with flexibility and keep your legs in tip top shape. Foam rolling is also beneficial.

Change Your Shoes

It’s a good idea when running daily to rotate through 2 or more pair of running shoes each day. Most runners have more than one pair of running shoes and you can wear one pair for a couple days or switch pairs each day. It will help with the wear on the shoes and they will last longer and if one pair is not wearing correctly it can help you avoid injuries and blisters.  

Enjoy The Run

When you’re not training for a race but just running for yourself, it can be nice to ignore the time and not pay attention to your pace. Run for yourself, to clear your head, to manage stress, to make you feel strong. Enjoy the run!

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