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Meeting On The Run

Life is busy. 

We all have long to-do lists and some days, it seems impossible to get it in. So, what do you do when you need to have a meeting but also need to get a workout in. Take the meeting outside!

Go to your local park for a walk or run.

There are no phones, no kids, no dogs, no one else to interrupt what you are talking about. And while you are getting your activity in and moving, you can talk about business, ideas, brainstorm, and more. There is also sure to be laughter and catching up.

Here at Milestones Sports Jewelry, we are going to try our best to do our meetings once a week on the run. Next week, we might head over to one of our many causeways for a sunset run. Making the best of your time so you don’t feel like you are leaving anything out will help your productivity in life, work, family, and more! 

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