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Tip Tuesday – Run Every Day

For our Tip Tuesday, we are going to talk about running every day. Run every day to clear your mind, help get through challenges you may be facing, and build up your stamina. Long miles are not necessary and the consistency of running every day will help your body to burn fat.

Mileage Is Not Important

Many people run every day, even if it’s just a mile a day. Not only is it good for your body, but it also helps to make running a habit. Getting up in the morning and lacing up those shoes to go for a run become second nature. If you’re an evening runner, maybe you change your clothes before you leave work and hit the pavement before you go home.

Take Time For Yourself

If you are worried about becoming bored by running every day, you can look back at our ways to beat boredom . Simply running a mile or two every morning can be a great way to have some time to yourself before you go on about your day.

Do you run every day? What is your why?

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Meeting On The Run

Life is busy.  We all have long to-do lists and some days, it seems impossible to get it in. So, what do you do when you need to have a meeting but also need to get a workout in. Take the meeting outside!Go to your local park for a walk or run. There are no phones, no kids, [...]

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