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​ Pay Yourself to Stay Active

Let’s face it… We all need a little extra motivation to stay active. Sometimes that motivation may be a race you’re training for. Or maybe you have a special marathon or triathlon event coming up and you want to look and feel your best. But most often, it’s when we are just trying to be consistently active that we need that extra little nudge to get you up and out the door.

Why not pay yourself to be active? Money is highly motivating and you can use your earnings to buy something special. Not only will you be active but you will also save money.

Here are a handful of ways you can pay yourself to stay active:

  • Pay yourself $1 for every mile you run.
  • Pay yourself $1 for every circuit you complete at the gym.
  • Pay yourself $1 for every mile you bike.
  • Pay yourself $2 for every morning that you get up early to workout before work.
  • Pay yourself $5 for every time you swim.
  • Pay yourself $5 for every race you finish.

The possibilities are endless and you can build up a nice savings pretty quickly. If you were to run three miles 3 times a week, you’d have $36 in one month. If you bike 10 miles twice a week, you’d have $80 in one month. Make it to the pool once a week, and you’d have $20. Add all those up if you are cross training, and you’d have almost $140 in one month! You can use this nice little savings for new running clothes, a new pair of running shoes, a weekend getaway, or whatever you want to splurge on.

How should you pay yourself?

  • Put a jar on your counter and put money in as you earn it. That way you can see the money every day.
  • Keep track of your miles and activity on a calendar and then pay yourself at the end of the month.
  • Transfer money into a savings account as you earn it.

Motivation can be hard to come by sometimes and seeing money add up that you get to spend as you want could be just what you need to keep moving. There is no shame in paying yourself to stay active!

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