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Runner Safety

Runner Safety

Keep these tips in mind!

Whether you run in the morning or afternoon, in the dark, or daylight, you need to do your best to stay safe. After hearing of recent runner attacks, it’s important to remember these tips for runner safety.

Be alert

If you run in the dark, it’s best to not run with headphones. Since your visibility is limited, you need to be able to hear what is going on around you. Also, if you do run in the dark, wear a light. There are many types available, from headlamps to knuckle lights. Wearing bright and or reflective clothing also helps.

Safety in numbers

When possible, don’t run alone. Even if you can start out as a group, it’s safer than running by yourself. At least there will be others out there that know where you are. If you do run alone, let someone know that you are going out for a run and where you are going.

The latest and greatest technology

There are apps that let will not only track your run with GPS but will also let someone you know where you are at while you are running. Many people don’t like to run with their phones, but it really is smart to do so. You just never know what can happen and to have the ability to call for help if needed could be life-saving.

Wear I.D.

Another thing many of us don’t run with is our driver’s license. Road ID has a huge selection of bracelets to shoe tags that have important information about you and emergency contact information should something happen to you.

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