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Tuesday Training Tip - Cool Runs Are Better Runs

When is the best time of day to run? That is a question that is asked frequently. Your schedule aside, remember that cool runs are better runs.

Cool Runs Are Better Runs

Day or Night?

During the summer, run at the coolest time of the day. Depending on where you live, this could be morning or night. Run before the sun is high in the sky and if possible, before humidity reaches the extremes.

Indoor or Outdoor?

If need be, do your workout indoors if it’s too hot and you are on a training schedule that means you have to run regardless of the weather. Heat and humidity can affect a run, as well as other inclement conditions such as rain, thunder, etc....


Above all, remember to hydrate before, during, and after a run. The hotter it is outside and the more you sweat, the more hydration you need. Remember to choose a drink that will replenish your electrolytes when you will be doing a lot of sweating.

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