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Tuesday Training Tip - One Week At A Time

Tuesday Training Tip

When you start researching and deciding on training plans for half marathons and full marathons, they can be overwhelming. Then you start blocking out 12 - 18 weeks of time on your calendar and you wonder what you have gotten yourself into. 

Don’t Look Ahead

The best advice I ever received and will happily pass on is to just take it a week at a time. Yes, eventually you will have 20-mile long runs to tackle, but when you are on week 1 and are doing 6-7 mile long runs, don't stress over what is weeks and weeks away. The whole point of training is to work your way up to the longer mileage. And believe me, you WILL get there.

Schedule Those Rest Days

Training plans call for rest days because your body needs them. The recovery is as important for your mind and body as is the running itself. Some of us struggle with taking a day or two off because we feel like it's not helping, but it does. You do not want to burn out or worse, injure yourself.

So, remember.... Take that training plan a week at a time. You will be surprised how well you handle the longer mileage when you work your way up to it.

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