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Tuesday Training Tip - Fueling Your Long Runs

You probably have certain foods you eat before and after a long run, but did you know that fueling yourself DURING your long run is just as important? When you feel like you've hit a wall, your body is telling you it needs fuel.

Tuesday Training Tip

Depending on your route, you can tuck a small cooler away with color water and snacks. You likely won’t carry more than one water and maybe a sports gel on you while running. But when you reach the halfway point of a long run, especially one 12 miles or longer, you will be ecstatic when you have that little treat for yourself. If you don’t have the ability to tuck away a snack somewhere along your route, maybe your significant other or your best friend can meet up with you along the way.

Here are a few quick ideas for mid-run snacks:

- pretzels

- frozen grapes

- banana

- raisins

- gummy bears

You will be amazed at the extra energy you get by taking a few minutes to fuel up before you hit the pavement to finish that long run!

What is your go-to snack during a long run?

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