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Ways To Beat Running Boredom

It happens to all runners - running boredom. It could be one reason or many. You might get tired of running the same route or distance all the time. Or maybe you don’t like running alone, or need some new tunes in your playlist. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to beat running boredom.

ways to beat running boredom

Plan a Run Date

If running alone is wearing thin on you, plan a run date. Maybe a mid-week run or a weekend morning long run. Running with a friend or two, with friends who share your love of running, make the miles and time fly by. And when that run is over, go for a coffee, smoothie, or drink after. Some of the best runs I’ve had have been with my favorite running friends followed by coffee after on a Sunday morning.

Treat Yourself to New Running Shoes

An instant pick-me-up is a new pair of running shoes. There is nothing like lacing up a new pair of shoes and hitting the pavement, that feeling of running on air.

Buy A New Gadget or Outfit

If you are looking to change your focus on your run, invest in a new running watch or fitness tracker. While running does not always have to be about the numbers, it is fun to challenge yourself. Setting little goals for each run is a way to make those miles fun again. Or, buy those new running shorts or shirt you’ve had your eye on.

Pay Yourself To Run

We’ve mentioned this before…. Use your miles as a way to build up a little savings so you can buy those new shoe or gadget we mentioned above. Or save for a much-needed getaway. Pay yourself to run by putting money in a jar each day you run or keep track of them on a calendar and pay yourself at the end of the month. Before you know it, you’ll have mad money to spend on whatever you want!

Update Your Playlist

For those of you who run with music, a simple update to your playlist can make your miles go by quicker. New music is always coming out, and while we all have those favorite songs that get us through miles, it’s fun to add new music to keep things fun. A quick search online will give you endless recommendations for playlists and what others have on theirs.

Join A Running Group

Much like planning a run date, joining a running group can turn your regularly scheduled run into a social event AND help with your accountability. There are running groups almost everywhere, whether through actual running clubs or running stores, and also at local pubs and more.


Many of us use running as an escape from life, tuning out whatever is causing stress or more. But, this time can also be used to really think through things. I find that I can come up with solutions while I’m running that I wouldn’t otherwise. Likely because I am not distracted by the phone or TV, or my to-do list, the laundry, or whatever else I need to be doing. The time I spend running is MY time and I use it to my advantage.

Find a New Route

A simple change in route can make your run new again. Try and run somewhere with a view – along the water, in a park, even a different time of day can make a route feel new. Running the same route day in and day out will quickly lead to boredom so try and change it up when you can.

There is no reason to be bored while getting those miles in…. What is one thing you do to beat running boredom?

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