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Confessions of a Marathon Husband - Part 1

I am a marathon spouse! I want to share my experience and all the emotions, the highs and lows and finally the absolute joy and elation of being a marathon spouse. So much effort goes into supporting your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, child or anyone else who may be training for any type of distance event. We have that common thread of sacrificing our time and making a larger commitment to helping them by accomplishing everything from household chores, cooking, walking dogs, working, taking care of children and many other chores otherwise avoided when your wife is NOT training for a marathon.

Melody 1st Marathon 2007

My wife’s first Marathon - 2007 Disney…The First Marathon.

My wife came home one day and said “Guess what I did today? I signed up to run a marathon”, my response was an inquisitive “You did what?" Followed by a “Do you even know how long a marathon is?”

Well, the answer was the Disney World Marathon and yes “very far”. Melody had decided to train for her first marathon in 2006 and dedicate the race to her beautiful friend Linda who after a long battle with Leukemia passed away at the age of 45. Melody joined Team in Training who provided all the tools and support that Melody needed to raise money for LLS and train for her first marathon. So she embarked on fundraising, running, working and trying to juggle everything else in life.

WHAT DID I (rather my wife) SIGN US UP FOR?

So here began my involvement, support, frustrations and ultimate joy. The 18 week training program started and as the weeks went by all of a sudden I found myself working my typical 60 hours per week, walking the dogs, doing all the food shopping, doing laundry, preparing meals, assisting in fundraising and the list goes on. We spent hours talking about her training and fundraising efforts. As we got closer to crunch time for the marathon and raising the minimum amount required for LLS; the pressure and tempers flared. Not to mention, my wife can’t do anything halfway, she has to be the best and raise the most money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; (a wonderful trait which I admire).


It all comes to a head in those last four weeks prior to the marathon. Melody was of course worried about the marathon as well as the fundraising. She was logging over 40 miles a week and on Sundays (her long run days) she was left virtually useless; (sorry honey don’t mean that in a bad way).

Though I admired what she was doing I was selfishly getting frustrated. All I could think about was how supportive I’d been and how many additional responsibilities fell on me. I thought “hey, I wasn’t the one that signed up for this”. I am sure many of you in this position have felt the same way. But beneath it all you are still so proud of what your loved one is accomplishing. Check back Friday to read more confessions of a marathon husband...  

To Be Continued.....  

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