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Training Tip Tuesday - Picking Your First Marathon

Once you decide to run a marathon, it can be a tough decision to decide which one to run. Here a re a few tips to keep in mind when tackling your first 26.2 distance…

Location, Location, Location

If travel stresses you out, pick one near you. You can sleep in your own bed, eat your own breakfast, and stick to your own routine the morning of race day. Another benefit is that you can train where you will run, or relatively close by.

Flat Course or Hills?

If you live in a flat area and never run hills, running your first 26.2 with a lot of hills and elevation may be more of a challenge. However, even if you plan to run a flat course, it’s still a great idea to run hills or bridges as part of your training. You can research course elevations on the race websites.

Small Race or Local Race?

The support and number of spectators can really affect how a person runs a race. The smaller the race, there may be less water stations, support, and spectators along the way. Larger races will have more of this, but there are also more participants.

Pick A Race for YOU

A very small part of the population will run a marathon in their lifetime. You may only run one, or you may decide you want to run ten more. Pick one that will mean the most to you. Train for it based on it’s geographical location, weather, elevation, and the time of year. It is an amazing experience and the more you enjoy it, the better your memories will be.

What was your first marathon and how did you decide on it?

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