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Training Tip Tuesday - Bridge / Hill Runs

So you've signed up for a half-marathon or full marathon and training starts now. Whether you are running a race with a flat course or one with elevation changes, one of the best things you can do as part of your training is to run hills or bridges.

Benefits of Hill Runs

Endurance - running hills will help running on a flat course easier on your body. You'll find that you can run longer with less effort over time.

Burn, baby, burn - up your calorie burn by running up hills. A slight increase in elevation can burn around 100 extra calories.

Build Muscle - running uphill can build up your leg muscles which we all know are important to running strong.

Run faster - training your body to run up hills will help you run faster. And should there every be any surprise bridges or inclines on a run, you'll be ready to tackle them.

Find Your Own Hills

What if you don't life in an area with hills? Find a bridge and do bridge repeats. Or if you have a treadmill, increase the incline. It can take work but if you are consistent, you will feel the benefit of being stronger on your every day runs over time.

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